The most comfortable place in Georgia at the sea. Dreamland Oasis

I've got acquainted with Oasis and Lena in 2021. At that time, I filmed a lot of reviews of new buildings in Batumi and the surrounding area, as I was preparing to buy a new apartment in Georgia.

As a result, the first video review of this complex appeared, which in fact is not even a complex, but a mini-city on the coast 9 kilometers from Batumi

By the way: you can watch all videos with english subtitles and there is also one video made in english (click here to see it)
There is much to see in Oasis: the territory is huge and, what is important, they are doing everything to turn this place from a seasonal resort into a place for year-round living.

In November 2023, about 50 families already live here permanently, according to the sales department information. This is not a great number (there are already about 750 apartments there turnkey finished and visited by owners mostly from may to november).
Lena seemed to me an interesting conversationalist (she is originally from Kazakhstan), so in 2022 I filmed a short interview with her about her story of moving to Georgia.

What surprises awaited her, what and what she chose between when moving to the sea, and why she finally settled on Georgia. This video can also be viewed on the channel (click on the caption to go to YouTube and watch).
In 2023, I bought a new camera and decided to make a full-fledged professional review of the complex. It included not only drone footage, but also interviews with Oasis residents. In addition, Lena offered to leave her number under the video for those who want to buy an apartment from them.

We agreed with her in a way that a person who applies without a broker will be able to take advantage of the Alexander Short channel discount in the amount of $2,000 when purchasing any apartment in the complex. This discount is cumulative with all their seasonal offers and does not cancel them (they have promotions for “warm floors as a gift”, etc.).

In addition, she was the first sales department in Georgia who, over the five years of the channel’s existence, decided to reward me, because my first videos introduced several tens of thousands of people from completely different countries to Oasis.
The price tag for apartments in Batumi in 23 varies from $600 to $4000 per square meter (depending on the availability of renovations, the quality of the house, distance from the sea, and so on.

I continue to review new buildings, so new videos are constantly appearing on the channel). There are no complexes with infrastructure similar to Oasis today. No matter what the developer claims, to date no one else has been able to build something similar.

In Oasis, promotional apartments start at $65,000 and there are long-term interest-free installments for buildings under construction (these are small studios, but not everyone can afford penthouses of 250 m2, as the richest residents of Oasis do, buying an entire floor). Therefore, I think I can recommend this complex with a clear conscience

This is Lena’s number: +995 557 22 33 84 You can ask her all the questions about Oasis that I did not cover in the video.

I don’t sell real estate myself, I can only share the contacts of the agent I use for my purchases (in total, I have already sold and bought 5 apartments in Georgia, so I understand the realities a little, not only as an operator)
And another video about Oasis that we made in November 2023 (click on this text to watch it on YouTube) talks about who and why buys 15 apartments from them at once. I always try to understand the logic of people who buy entire floors.

That's why we talked about "investment parking." There is no crazy profitability in real estate; it is rather a conservative source of investment, but this is compensated by low risks. Perhaps so.

Thank you for your attention and see you at sea (or on my channel about Georgia).

With a respect, from A. Short.
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